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> Quoting Kenneth Parker (2020-02-13 18:03:20)
> > I am helping a friend install Debian on an older MacBook, running OS X
> > 10.11 (El Capitan).  It currently has a single 300G HFS Plus (Journaled)
> > Partition, with lots of free space.
> >
> > He wants to keep OS X, and use Buster (or Sid, leading to the next Stable
> > Release).
> >
> > He wants to shrink the Mac Partition, create a couple more for this.  (I
> > explained the need for two, including a Swap Partition to him).
> >
> > He thinks that Debian should be able to work on the same HFS Plus Disk
> > format.  Has anyone tried this?
> >
> > This is all preliminary now, as I am trying to talk him into ext4 for the
> > Debian Partition and, if he needs a place to share files, put a small,
> > fourth vfat Partition in for that.
> Debian (and Linux in general) supports read-write access to HFS+
> partitions, but it is unreliable.  I would expect it to be difficult to
> setup and the result would be unreliable (either because you would end
> up depending on the unreliable HFS+ write access, or because you would
> end up having a too complex to reliably maintain stack of hacks to work
> around the unreliable HFS+ write access).

I have read up on this HFS+ file system and concur completely.  My friend
didn't like my answer (don't use HFS+ for Linux) at all, putting the whole
"project" in question.  More on another reply.

 Thanks!  Kenneth Parker

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