On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 11:19:22AM +0200, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> On Ma, 24 mar 20, 10:23:59, Charles Curley wrote:


> > It is positively Balmeresque in its insistence on metastasizing all over
> > your computer [...]

> It seems to me like you are comparing a FLOSS project with a company 
> that used its dominant market position to squash competition and a 
> terminal disease.

Agreed. I didn't like that either. Whatever the systemd team is doing,
and whether I like it or not -- they're doing free software. Attributes
like "Balmeresque" are doubly insulting, "metastasize" are insulting
(ironically copying Balmer's rhethoric -- remember "Linux is a cancer"?).

Those folks are doing free software. By all means criticize what they
are doing (or, even better: do something yourself), but FFS, take that
into account!

> This would be very insulting to those FLOSS developers, as well as all 
> developers of other FLOSS projects that *chose* to depend on systemd (or 
> parts of it), so I must surely be misunderstanding something.

Thanks. Sometimes I get tired of blowing into that horn. Don't want
systemd? Don't use it. And contribute to alternatives?

And be polite to those who do like systemd.

(And vice-versa, of course).

-- t

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