Jonas Smedegaard wrote: 
> Quoting Mario Marietto (2023-06-02 10:27:29)
> > Does anyone know if on the market there is a phisycal phone (made with
> > hardware components) which allows to place calls and to send sms only using
> > the VOIP technology ? Would be an interesting product to buy and try in my
> > opinion.
> Yes, so-called "SIP hardphones" exist.  Try a web search for those
> terms, or if you are lazy you can use this as a starting point:
> An "hard" alternative is to use a so-called "SIP ATA" (Analogue Phone
> Adapter) to connect a classic old POTS (Plain Old Telephny Standard)
> phone with a SIP account.

Having used and deployed both of these in significant numbers, I can
state that SIP ATAs should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. All
the functionality that people expect is in VOIP phones, and it's hard
to access anything other than simple calling with the adapters.

Polycom 33[0,5] VOIP phones are well-built, easy to provision for use
with Asterisk, FreeSwitch and various VOIP companies, and relatively
cheap as used phones.


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