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>> My understanding is that as we are sending email from our own domain 
>> e.g "example.com" its complaining because the PTR is ovh.net not example.com?

> No, there is no requirement for the PTR record to match the From:
> address of the email. They just want it to not look like a generic OVH VPS.

Depends on how you define "requirement". For years is has been practice on 
mailservers to deny mail coming from a dynamic ip number because it is probably 
an infected machine sending spam/malware mails. 
Dynamic being defines as not having a proper PTR record having the same name as 
the fqdn the mailserver identifies itself with.
So the name of the host itself is not relevant but the name the mailserver uses 
in the HELE/EHLO statement. That needs to be the same name as what the PTR 
record points to. 

I remember this being a "requitement" when I was hosting my own mailserver and 
spam/walware filter over 5 years ago.

Bonno Bloksma

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