I can also recomend a Keepass compatible password manager. I am personally 
using the offical Keepass2 app over Mono, but KeePassXC has also worked well. I 
have been using Syncthing to sync it between my devices, include my Android 
smartphone. For Android, I have found KeepassDX and Keepass2Android to work 

One nice thing about Keepass is that in addition to the freeform notes field, 
you can also have custom fields, as well as atrach files to each entry. There 
is also a number of plugins you can use with the offical app as well. 

Another option that should wotk for you is Vaultwarden. It is an open source, 
api compatible version of the Bitwarden server you can self-host in docker. You 
can use it with the offical Bitwarden (select change server at login if I 
recall correctly). It has all of the same features as the hosted version, and 
even uses the same web client.

On November 9, 2023 6:48:35 PM UTC, "Michael Kjörling" <2695bd53d...@ewoof.net> 
>On 9 Nov 2023 11:05 -0500, from pa...@quillandmouse.com:
>> Does anyone know of a password manager which will store a variety of
>> user-defined information for each login, and not store that information
>> on the internet (and which is free as in beer)?
>KeepassXC if you want a primarily GUI solution which also happens to
>be open source. (There's also a command-line version keepassxc-cli
>which can either be driven from the command line or used interactively
>in a terminal session.)
>pass if you want something which mimics your homegrown solution.
>Any decent password manager should have a free-form notes field and I
>can confirm that KeepassXC 2.7.4 (which is the version currently
>packaged in Bookworm) searches in the notes field when I type into the
>search field in the GUI.
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