On 2023-11-15, Max Nikulin wrote:

>>> For Chromium it is better to have a password manager
>>> (gnome-keyring/kwallet/keepassxc/etc.) with D-Bus interface. It needs
>>> a key to encrypt passwords saved in browser and likely cookie store.
>>> Encryption is not applied otherwise.
>> What about Firefox then? Does it work with password managers with a
>> D-Bus interface?

keepassxc has a plugin for firefox

>> Pass(1) sets a timer and removes the password from the clipboard after
>> that time has expired.
> I am unsure if listening for clipboard change events is currently implemented
> in browsers. Such feature defeats timeouts. Its fair use is clipboard managers
> specifically for ChromeOS, but that might be usable on other platforms as
> well.

don't know for pass, but keepassxc don't rely on managers and erase
the clipboard itself after its timeout

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