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t's time to kill this thread - nothing useful is being said at this point.

At its best, this list is useful for helping people and for providing 

It's also a window on the world of Debian and how Debian contributors, regulars 
on the list
(and the odd single poster) contribute to the wider perception of Debian and 
what we collectively do. 

Help uphold a good reputation for all of us.

Help maintain the usefulness of this list by knowing when to stop hitting the 
Enter key
and when to put the keyboard down (and go and do something else for a few 
minutes) rather
than continuing to reply to a mailing list thread.

No-one has to contribute to every contentious point and there is consideration 
in knowing when
to stop and avoid more effort to make your own opinions heard.

Please also consider the Debian Code of Conduct and the requirement to be 
constructive or face sanctions.

With thanks for your consideration in this.

Andrew Cater

For the Debian Community Team

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