Max Nikulin (12024-02-23):
> I am realizing that the following is not an answer to the asked question.
> The thread is no more than useless arguing anyway.
> Some ideas that might be useful in close cases:
> - a bunch of filtering options and --output=export as a part of log rotation
> to have selective copy of the journal in an alternative directory


You know what? I think it is exactly the right answer.

I think the principle for this thing is: journald maintains the current
logs in a best-effort manner, but when it comes to archival, the needs
and manners are too varied, it does not try to provide a ready-to-use
solution, but journalctl provides all the tools necessary to implement
what we want.

If I am right, if it is indeed the way it is meant to be used, I just
wish somebody would have bothered writing it in so many words at the
start of a documentation.


  Nicolas George

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