On 2/27/24 08:34, Stefan Monnier wrote:
He is most likely using armv7 and that comes with its own issues, ie
cpu type and floating point (hard/soft, neon and simd).  aarch64 much
easier to build on.

I'm using Debian armhf here on various machines (most of them with ARMv7
CPUs but some one of them with an ARMv8 CPU (and kernel)).
I haven't encountered any particular problem (both in terms of using and
installing Debian and in terms of "manually" building software from
source) that seems related to ARMv7 vs ARMv8.


The following options are target specific:
  -mabi=                                lp64
  -march=                               armv8.2-a+crypto+fp16+rcpc+dotprod
  -mbig-endian                          [disabled]
  -mbionic                              [disabled]
  -mcmodel=                             small
  -mcpu=                                generic
  -mfix-cortex-a53-835769               [enabled]
  -mfix-cortex-a53-843419               [enabled]
  -mgeneral-regs-only                   [disabled]
  -mglibc                               [enabled]
  -mlittle-endian                       [enabled]
  -mlow-precision-div                   [disabled]
  -mlow-precision-recip-sqrt            [disabled]
  -mlow-precision-sqrt                  [disabled]
  -mmusl                                [disabled]
  -momit-leaf-frame-pointer             [enabled]
  -moutline-atomics                     [enabled]
  -mpc-relative-literal-loads           [enabled]
  -msign-return-address=                none
  -mstack-protector-guard=              global
  -mstrict-align                        [disabled]
  -msve-vector-bits=<number>              scalable
  -mtls-dialect=                        desc
  -mtls-size=                           24
  -mtrack-speculation                   [disabled]
  -mtune=                               generic
  -muclibc                              [disabled]
  -mverbose-cost-dump                   [disabled]

  Known AArch64 ABIs (for use with the -mabi= option):
    ilp32 lp64

Supported AArch64 return address signing scope (for use with -msign-return-address= option):
    all non-leaf none

  The code model option names for -mcmodel:
    large small tiny

  Valid arguments to -mstack-protector-guard=:
    global sysreg

  The possible SVE vector lengths:
    1024 128 2048 256 512 scalable

  The possible TLS dialects:
    desc trad

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