Ian Jackson dijo [Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 03:25:49PM +0100]:
> Oh, I forgot one:
> >  Proponent    Is declassification of       How might the rules
> >             old posts permissible,       for -private be changed
> >             and if so how ?              in the future ?
> > 
> >  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>    Status Quo   Difficult/unlikely -         New GR needed.[3]
>                 2005 GR procedure.           

I would argue that the current status quo follows somewhat closely
what Iain suggests to document: We have had several threads starting
in private, then somebody requests the permission from A, B and C to
quote their parts, and moves the discussion to -project or
wherever. Yes, a GR is needed because what is documented as the will
of the project is systematically breached.

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