The freeradius package is generally in good shape these days, I think.

There are a few users who will report bugs, and there is at least one who
is interested in having the latest upstream version available.

The work required to maintain the package is moderate — let’s say a few
hours each month.

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On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 8:47 AM Niels Thykier <> wrote:

> Alan DeKok:
> >   We've been looking for a new Debian maintainer for a while.
> >
> >   What, exactly, is in "bad shape" about this package?  If there are
> issues, we can work towards fixing them.
> >
> >   The software is widely used by many tens of thousands of sites.  I
> hope it's not going to be removed from Debian.
> >
> >   I'll note that Debian also packages "livingston-radius", which hasn't
> had any source changes in 20 years.  There's no mailing list, no support,
> and it doesn't implement any of the modern RADIUS standards.
> >
> >   Including that package does a disservice to people who install it, and
> then realize it's next to useless.
> >
> Hi,
> I am CC'ing Michael on your reply as I am not sure he is subscribed to
> the bug (it is not the default for Debian bugs) and he is probably
> better at answering this given his prior work with the package.
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> ~Niels

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