Hi Jakub,

Jakub Wilk wrote:
> >>I request an adopter for the adequate package. (Note that RFA !=
> >>O. Talk to me before taking over this package.)
> I wrote this in May 2015.
> Then, in May 2016, I orphaned the package.
> [...], so there wasn't anything for me to
> object.

Ah, sorry, missed that part when I read through the history of this
bug report. For a long time, BartM had a bug in his script retitling
WNPP bug reports from ITA to O even if they were just RFA beforehand,
so I expected this to be an victim of that bug, too,

Anyway, in that case I've likely done just the right thing. So thanks
for the clarification. :-)

I intent to take care of the package under the QA umbrella in case of
RC bugs or similar.

But if I'd ever take over the package alone respectively its
development, I likely have to rewrite tests/run-tests in another
language. Testing Perl scripts with Python scripts is definitely not
my way of doing such things, especially if TAP is not used.

So I'd really prefer if a team would take it over. And I still think
that the Lintian team would be the most appropriate team for that.

                Regards, Axel
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