You can also use the UsageOnly option in the debugger used via the 'V' command:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~ $ perl580 -d -e 0

Loading DB routines from version 1.19
Editor support available.

Enter h or `h h' for help, or `man perldebug' for more help.

main::(-e:1):   0
  DB<1> use warnings

  DB<2> o UsageOnly    
           UsageOnly = '1'
  DB<3> V warnings
%Offsets = 1 item (keys: 4; values: 1; total: 5 bytes)
%DeadBits = 2 items (keys: 7; values: 2; total: 9 bytes)
%register:: = 3 items (keys: 19; values: 82; total: 101 bytes)
%Bits = 2 items (keys: 7; values: 2; total: 9 bytes)
String space: 125 bytes in 17 strings.
Grand total = 249 bytes (1 level deep) + overhead.

Richard Foley
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>From: Rob Casey [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 1:30 AM
>To: Morbus Iff; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Subject: Re: Optimization?
>G'Day Morbus,
>At 05:33 PM 2003-08-11 -0400, Morbus Iff wrote:
>>Does debugging include optimization (since, theoretically, 
>slow code == 
>>bad code)? I've been meaning for a while to look into speeding up 
>>AmphetaDesk, but don't really know what path to take (or 
>whether there is 
>>more than one).
>One minor point which I would make is that not all slow code 
>is bad code - 
>Some code is slow by design as a result of the work required.  
>Then again, 
>if we were wanting raw speed, it could be argued that we 
>should be working 
>in C ... :-)
>>I know you can do a bunch of stuff with Dprof (most notably, 
>>the first three or so must run routines), but what other optimization 
>>tools are available to you? How can I find out what's the biggest 
>>structure in memory? How can I find out what variables are 
>being stored in 
>>memory (perhaps erroneously)? Etc., etc.
>The size of structures in memory can be determined using the 
>module by Dan Sugalski - 
>To determine what variables are defined in memory, your best 
>bet is to walk 
>the symbol table.  with Padwalker - 
>Alternatively you can dump the symbol table using Devel::Symdump - 


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