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>On Monday, August 18, 2003, at 08:59  am, Gabor Szabo wrote:
>> Of course we can all point at "Perl Debugged" but I don't know
>> any other book talking about debugging.
>I'm not aware of any other Perl debugging books. One I would *not*  
>recommend is "Debugging Perl" - which really isn't very good at all.
>I've come across people getting it mixed up with Perl Debugged (which  
>is quite nice) so I thought it worth mentioning.
>> What books out there are of use for those wanting to learn debugging?
>> They don't necessarily have to be specificly about *Perl*.
>> Is there a way to learn debugging other than learning the capabilities
>> of a debugger ?
>I'd say that there is more to debugging than using a debugger. 

I agree.  I never thought of "Perl Debugged" as being mainly about using
the debugger.  I thought of that as one of several aspects of the process
of debugging, and presented those, along with techniques for avoiding
inserting bugs in the first place.  People tend to focus on the parts about
the debugger as though that's all the book is about.  Granted, it spends
more time on the debugger than any other book... but that was just because
I've taught use of the debugger from the get-go in my intermediate classes.

It caused me some consternation when "Debugging Perl" came out while I was
in copyediting, and I initiated discussions with my editor over possible
problems with name similarity.  He decided that it was of no consequence.
I always thought that the "Debugged" moniker could be used as a brand, like
"for Dummies", and that there would be "C++ Debugged", "Java Debugged", etc,
and told the publishers so, but no sign of anyone jumping on that bandwagon.

Peter Scott

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