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> >I'd say that there is more to debugging than using a debugger.
> I agree.  I never thought of "Perl Debugged" as being mainly about using
> the debugger.  I thought of that as one of several aspects of the process
> of debugging, and presented those, along with techniques for avoiding
> inserting bugs in the first place.

It is a question of definition of what is debugging. If it includes the
prevention thing then "Perl Debugged" is an excellent book. It covers
a lot of aspects of "making your code bug free".

On the other hand if we define "debugging" as the thing you do *after* you
wrote the code then ......

... the book of Richard Foley will be a good book to look for.

... this is what I am looking for. Techniques to find bugs once we know
there *is* a bug because e.g. a test fails.


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