Yet Another YAPC::NA 2005 Conference Reminder

YAPC::NA 2005 is Yet Another Perl Conference, North America,
this year to be held in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
Mon - Wed 27 - 29 June 2005.

     Important Dates/Deadlines
     April 18 -- deadline for paper submissions
     May 12   -- last day of guaranteed accommodations

YAPC::NA is a grassroots, all-volunteer conference.  The
speaker quality is high, the participants lively, and there
are many extra social activities scheduled.  We expect a
bit over 400 people this year, and registration is proceeding
faster this year than in the past.

The registration cost is USD$85.  Information on registration:

Direct link to registration:

Want to be a speaker?  Deadline for proposal submission
is April 18, just over 1 week from now.  Go to:

Need accommodations in Toronto?  Go to:

If you book before May 13 you will be guaranteed a hotel
space.  After that getting accommodations will become
progressively more difficult.  Prices we have arranged
are in two different price ranges: approximately US$50
for a dorm room, US$72 for a decent hotel room.  All
accommodations are very nearby the conference venue.

This message comes from the YAPC::NA 2005 organizers in,, on behalf of The Perl
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

If you have any questions please contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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