i write on a (java) gui for the perl debugger and have a problem: when i use the perl debugger i can suspend the execution with CTRL+C. i talk over a socket with the perl debugger process and the problem is that i can't send CTRL+C from the java programm to the perl process. for this reason i should extend the perl debugger: i will send a special command(e.g. SUSPEND) to the perl debugger and the debugger should execute the method bundeled with $SIG{INT}(catch() method).
is this possible?
i think i can override the DB method of the debugger and check for the special command. after checking i would like to call the original DB method. here are my little try:

PERL5DB={ package DB; our @ISA='DB'; sub DB { } }

but when i doe this i got errors everytime. can you help my how to override the debugger!?

thx mseele

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