this is the big problem: i can't work with a .perldb file! but yesterday evening i found another solution: you can implement the afterinit and the watchfunction method in the environment variable PERL5DB! :-)
but thx also for your replys!!!

Joe McMahon wrote:

On Dec 6, 2005, at 2:47 AM, Michael Seele wrote:


i've now trying to run your example but there is one problem: i cannot set $DB::trace to 4! when i execute "$DB::trace |= 4;" as comand in the debugger, it doesn't change the trace value(because the eval block saves the $DB::trace content before evaluating "$DB::trace |= 4;" and reset the content saved in $DB::trace after evaluating)!
how can i set the $DB::trace to 4?

Set it the .perldb file, where you define your watchfunction:

sub watchfunction {

$DB::trace |=4;

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