On Tuesday 05 June 2007 19:25, Jan Ploski wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestions.
Did "b subname" not work?

> In the end, I solved my problem by patching up perl5db.pl to call back
> a user-defined routine on *every* loaded file from sub DB::postponed.
Are there any potential side-effects for other users?

> The downsides are the possibly unreliable patching and 
If it's unreliable, (your word), then you should keep the patch on your local 
system, please.  If it's reliable, then it might be a useful fix.  Is it 
possible to make a test case for it?

> the fact that I now depend on perl5db.pl internals. 
I don't know whether Devel::Command would have been useful to you?

> What would be the best way to suggest an API extension to perl5db.pl 
> maintainer(s)? 
The best thing is probably to send a patch to P5P and let them take a look at 

Richard Foley
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