On Wednesday 06 June 2007 19:59, Jan Ploski wrote:
> > > What would be the best way to suggest an API extension to perl5db.pl 
> > > maintainer(s)? 
> > > 
> > The best thing is probably to send a patch to P5P and let them take a look 
> > at it.
> Ok, in that case I'd have to generalize my on load hook first to make
> it independent from EPIC.
I'm not familiar with EPIC, but there are a number of cases where the debugger 
has been quite literally hacked to work with various OS's, terminals, certain 
libraries and so on.  In these cases a sensible solution has often been to 
seperate the specific stuff via an environment variable.  This only applies, 
of course, if it has no value for other users.  Something like PERL5DB_EPIC=1 
might do the trick, although you might very well have a more suitable 

Then send a patch to p5p for Rafael to consider applying it to bleed.

Richard Foley
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