Declude 4.10.42

JM      ADD     Add IMail support for SQL Database. Declude can check the
SQL DB for Autowhitelist

JM      ADD     IPNOSCAN for IMail

JM      ADD     Add a new directive POSTINIFIX uses either ON or OFF in the
declude.cfg file. Postini is a large managed email service which amends the
header structure. The           Postini fix helps Declude correctly identify
Postini headers. To configure use POSTINIFIX      ON

JM      ADD     Add the Recipient, mailfrom and subject information to the
blklst.txt file. The format blklst.txt file is

JM      ADD     IPBYPASS can be configured with CIDR

JM      ADD     New Header directive XWHITELIST     ON in the global.cfg
will give the reason for why the email was WHITELISTED in the header of the

JM      ADD     Integrated Message Sniffer with Declude. Will use Declude
rulebase. (If you are a current Message Sniffer user this does not apply to
you unless you want to          switch and use the Declude rulebase) To
configure the SNF files need to be edit by the user, where the [PATH] needs
to be the actual path on your server.


                SET SNIFFER_PATH=[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\

                Snf_engine.xml file

                <log path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\'/>
                <rulebase path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\'/>
                <workspace path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\'/>

                <update-script on-off='on'
call='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\getRulebase.cmd' guard-time='180'/>
SNFIPCAUTION    SNFIP           x               4               5       0

SNFIPBLACK      SNFIP           x               5               10      0

SNFIPTRUNCATE   SNFIP           x               6               10      0

IPREPUTATION    SNFIP           x               5               10      -5

SNIFFER-TRAVEL  SNF             x               47              10      0

SNIFFER-INSURANCE       SNF             x               48              10
SNIFFER-AV-PUSH SNF             x               49              10      0

SNIFFER-WAREZ   SNF             x               50              10      0

SNIFFER-SPAMWARE        SNF             x               51              10
SNIFFER-SNAKEOIL        SNF             x               52              12
SNIFFER-SCAMS   SNF             x               53              10      0

SNIFFER-PORN    SNF             x               54              10      0

SNIFFER-MALWARE SNF             x               55              10      0

SNIFFER-ADVERTISING     SNF             x               56              10
SNIFFER-SCHEME  SNF             x               57              10      0

SNIFFER-CREDIT  SNF             x               58              10      0

SNIFFER-GAMBLING        SNF             x               59              10
SNIFFER-GENERAL SNF             x               60              10      0

SNIFFER-SPAM    SNF             x               61              10      0

SNIFFER-OBFUSCATION     SNF             x               62              10
SNIFFER-IP-RULES        SNF             x               63              10
SNFTRUNCATE     SNF             x               20              10      0

EVA     FIX     Fix for Virus test not catching the eicar test due to e-mail

HJ      ADD     Added a function to send a notify e-mail when hijack is
triggered and e-mails are being held in the Hold2 folder To turn the Hijack
e-mail notify on add the                following directive to the

                HIJNOTIFY      ON

                Add the included HijackNotify.eml into the \Declude
directory. The email can be modified.

DEC     ADD     Added variable %AUTH% to show the authenticated sender of
the email

David Barker
VP Operations Declude
Your Email security is our business
978.499.2933 office
978.988.1311 fax

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