I know this is way off topic, but I’d love to hear if anybody wants to throw 
out an opinion.
We’ve been using HitList Commerce 4.0 since, I don’t know, maybe 2000? to 
generate web statics reports for our clients’ domains.  It was a simple system 
that produced decent reports emails in a single .RTF file.  Recently, however, 
it broke and I can’t seem to repair it.  The makers of HitList, Marketwave, 
have undergone many changes of ownership over the years and focus now only on 
very expensive products and services (it was a few hundred dollars when we 
bought it).  So I’m looking at getting something modern.
The truth is that I only have a handful of domains who care about this, so I’m 
looking for something free or very cheap.  I’d prefer it to read our IIS logs 
and then send out emails, but I guess we could adapt to something that just 
displays a web page.  The question is: what’s cheap or free, suitable for 
hosters (as opposed to end-users) and simple?
I’m looking right now at something called JawStats (open source) and also 
Google Analytics, but I don’t know what’s involved.  Any old-timers here with 
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