> Second problem:
> In our new DNS records, I have it set up something like this:

> two MX records:
> bcwebhost.net MX mail.bcwebhost.net
> mail.bcwebhost.net MX mail.bcwebhost.net

> one A record:
> mail.bcwebhost.net A (IP.200)

> Is there any reason I can't have the same name for both an MX and
> an A record (in this case, mail.bcwebhost.net)?

> The Comcast people claimed this was wrong and that the MX record
> should point to an IP address directly instead of a host name (which
> I'm sure is wrong).

Absolutely, without any doubt, they are wrong.

MX RRs MUST point to A (hostname) records per RFC. Not to alias
(CNAME) records (though this can function 95% of the time, it is an
RFC violation). And *definitely* not to IPs.

"This domain name must have as its value one or more address records.
Currently those will be A records, however in the future other record
types giving addressing information may be acceptable."

"The domain name used as the value of a NS resource record, or part of
the value of a MX resource record must not be an alias."

-- both RFC 2181

> They tried to claim that this is the cause of my original problem
> but even if they're right about this, then it still doesn't explain the 
> original problem.

I'll reflect on your first problem later. Do not worry at all that
they are right here.

-- Sandy

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