> So, two questions: first, is there a version of p0f that runs under Windows?
> I found the Unix version and I found a Windows-port version that is not
> compiled (and I haven't used a real compiler in at least ten years).


> Second question: what's the popular recommendation for DNS TTL nowadays? I
> think I reset mine many years ago after a discussion here among some other
> people.

"Universal" default TTL? You could say 4 hours. But it depends on the
application, the stage you're at with setting up a new host (testing
vs. long-term stable), the need for dynamic changes, all, of course,
balanced against much load you want/need to shed.

I test using 5m TTLs, but also keep 5- and 10-minute TTLs permanently
where we have geographic clusters because that's the only way they
work. In other cases, I try for one day. Rarely do I use more than a
day even when a host has been stable for a long period, even if I
could; with our traffic, I don't mind one DNS request per day for each

For reference, you can look around at high-traffic sites like web
analytics. My two analytics packages use 60s and 5m. I think the first
one was at my behest because one of their servers kept going down and
needing to be null-routed a couple of years ago!

-- S.

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