Hi All,

This isn't specifically a Declude question but I thought I'd ask anyway as
its still of interest to the group, I think.

I have one domain that is being referenced in a Joe Job.  Essentially, a
spammer sends out thousands of emails using various compromised computers.
In the "FROM" field, they put randomaddr...@mydomain.com.

My server gets all the backscatter email from the victims servers.

This has been going on for better than 6 months.  My server can handle the
volume.  The real problem is my customer gets nasty emails from people who
think they spammed them and they don't realize it had nothing to do with our
server or my customer.

I've not been able to figure out a way to stop the spammers from using my
domain in their FROM addresses.  Essentially, I was trying to figure out if
through SPF records or other means I could do something that would make
referencing my domain ineffective for them.   That didn't seem to help.

Also, since they don't send through my server, there is little I can do.

Have any of you had to deal with this situation?  Any clever ideas?



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