I’m using this list, because I do know that some of you have small hosting 
operations and I have to come to value and respect your expertise over the 

I have a client who is hosting a few small Hyper-V virtual machines with me.

After the recent Hurricane, they have asked if I could help them find a 
emergency host who would be able to bring up their virtual machines if OUR part 
of the country was ever out of reach for a prolonged period.

Specifically, currently these are two machines, each configured with 4 GB of 
RAM, 4 virtual processors, and with less than 100 GB VHDs each. (Incidentally, 
they are running RHEL 6.3 – but that really doesn’t matter.)  However, they do 
host very active web sites, so the Hyper-V host should be equipped with recent 
generation hardware (such as fast quad-core CPUs and modern SATA/SCSI disk 

If this is an arrangement you are willing to discuss, please email me directly.

Best Regards,


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