A significant number of spams are referencing links to domains that were
created within say the last 7 - 10 days.  I believe its because they are
created with bad credit cards.  The spam is sent and by the time the
registrar finds out the credit card was bad the spammer is done using the
domain and they don't care if it becomes disabled.

I know there are RBL lists like spameatingmonkey.com that have recently
created domains listed.  But I'm finding most new domains not listed.

What we really need is a test that would do a whois, using something like
betterwhois.com that aggragates whois results, and that would identify newly
registered domains.  I'd block 100% on any domain created in the last 10
days if we had a test like that.

Anyone ever heard of such a thing?  I can't be the first person wanting
something like this.

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