Declude users,

As many of you may already know Linda Pagillo and I left Declude in January
of 2013.  Long story short they  "
<> Killed
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg" . my guess . the end is nigh!

However it is not all bad news. We have started a new company called Mail's
Best Friend, not only can we continue to support your Declude product but we
have established several strategic relationships that allow us to offer
multiple alternate solutions, everything from Message Sniffer, to Cloud
based solutions to Hosted Exchange, Mail's Best Friend provides
best-of-breed support and integration services for all email solutions.

We have always envisioned this as a community effort so the time has come to
become independent and build this our way!

With that said if you need assistance with Declude please contact us so we
can help you either maintain what you have or find you an alternate upgrade

Same good service, same great people. this time without the corporate
interference. Hope to see you soon.


David Barker
Mail's Best Friend

Email     :  <>
Web      :  <>
Office    : 703.988.3605 x7015
Mobile  : 978.518.6461



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