It seems clear at this point that the failure of Declude's licensing
system is causing widespread havoc for their customers, and they are not
responding to support issues, or any issues at all, and that they are in
fact out of business.  Therefore I am going to share the key that allows
Declude to operate without authentication.  This key will not allow
either AVG nor Commtouch Zero Hour to work, but it will allow Declude to
process email with filters and other add-ons.

The key goes in your Declude.cfg file and it requires a restart. This is
the same key that was shared, but I am changing the subject in order to
highlight that the code is in here:

     CODE        28607230-BF21-4CDE-A59B-A451CC7C9CA0

My recommendation is to configure both Sniffer (convert your license
with Pete if it was bound to Declude) and ClamAV so that you have virus


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