fpReview is a utility that allows you to easily review held mail on your Imail or SmarterMail system. With fpReview you can review messages and return them back to the queue for delivery or rescanning by Declude. Besides being able to return the message to the queue for delivery many other options are available such as delete, move, copy, etc. Another useful feature is the ability to report false positives or spam to 3rd parties by using the integrated email function. fpReview is an intelligent application that will adapt to your workflow. It will remember email addresses and subjects to streamline future reporting of messages. In addition fpReview will import your configured Declude filters from your Declude global.cfg. This allows you to create custom Declude rules on the fly through our custom interface.
Screen Captures:
http://www.invariantsystems.com/fpreview/default.htm Darrell
Check out http://www.invariantsystems.com for utilities for Declude, Imail, mxGuard, and ORF. IMail/Declude Overflow Queue Monitoring, SURBL/URI integration, MRTG Integration, and Log Parsers.
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