I would like to suggest a new feature to be added to the virus
notification capabilities.

Right now to notify a recipient that I stopped a virus I have a
recip.eml file in my main delude directory. There is another
recip-vulnerability.eml file that is used if the "virus" is a
vulnerability. These two files are all or nothing files. Meaning that
all recipients for all the domains that I process are in the same file. 

I need to be able to specify a per domain recip.eml file. This way I can
tailor the notifications to each domain as appropriate. These files
should be in the domain subdirectory along with the $default$.junkfile

I am faced with the challenge right now for a single domain to send all
virus notification to one person only or to stop all notifications to
that domain. To the best of my knowledge I cannot redirect all the
notifications to the one person for that domain and to the original
recipients for all the other domains. 

Another feature that should be added to the *.eml files is the ability
to do a BCC to a monitoring address. This is a good way to monitor what
is happening with banned files, viruses or whatever notification
processes we have setup.

So can you please add this to the "to do" list

Thank you

Goran Jovanovic
Omega Network Solutions

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