The program "incredimail" generates subjects, in certain cases, ended with "0D 0A 09 0D 0A." These messages are captured by Declude virus like "Outlook 'Blank Folding' Vulnerability". I want to send a letter requesting to technical support solve this problem, but I really do not see the point 3.2.3 in RFC 822 indicating that this is not allowed.

Thank you.
Ruben Marti.
Mon Mariola, S.L.

From Declude manual:

Outlook 'Blank Folding' Vulnerability: This vulnerability occurs when there is a line in the headers with just a single space or a single tab character. Outlook can treat this as the end of the headers, allowing it to see a virus that is embedded in the headers. RFC822 3.2.3 says that it is not valid to have such lines, nor is there any legitimate reason for an E-mail to contain a blank line in the headers with a single space or tab (note that it is OK to have a line with a single space or tab in the E-mail body, just not the headers).

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