Been using the old F-prot v3 as a second scanner but I disabled it today. As 
the new F-prot 6 scanner is not allowed with Declude, well sort of but I don't 
want to pay that mucht ;-) I wanted to use ClamAV asn an extra scanner.

In the past it was a bit dificult I seem to remember but.... Is it realy as 
easy as 1-2-3 today?
Go to http://w32.clamav.net/ and download
    - The Windows msi file
    - The initial virus sigantures
    - Pthreads (I seem to need it).
Install the msi
Copy the initial signature files to C:\Program Files\clamAV\data or something 
like it.

But then....
Make sure the sig files are updated... but how?

Let Declude (according to http://www.declude.com/searchresults.asp?Cat=124) 
call ClamAV using:
 SCANFILE [Drive:]\[Path]\bin\clamscan.exe --quiet --log-verbose --no-summary 
--max-ratio 0  -l report.txt
Which would probably translate to
 SCANFILE C:\Program Files\bin\clamscan.exe --quiet --log-verbose --no-summary 
--max-ratio 0  -l report.txt
or would
 SCANFILE C:\IMail\Declude\Scanners\clamscan.exe --quiet --log-verbose 
--no-summary --max-ratio 0  -l report.txt
be a better solution.

There is also a clamscam.txt file in the C:\IMail\declude\scanners\ClamAV 
directory that seems to suggest something else.

So where is a HOWTO to get it up and running with Declude? I'm sure I'm not the 
first to look at the combination, so how dit YOU do it. :-)

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