Hi everyone. I just wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know that i 
have been seeing a trend over the past 2 days. There seems to be an abnormal 
amount of domain and email address spoofing by spammers. This is causing a lot 
of our customers to get whitelisted spam delivered to their inboxes. If you are 
having this problem, there are 2 basic reasons why it is happening.

1.) You have your own domain(s) or email address(es) whitelisted in your 
global.cfg file or individual domain whitelistfiles.

2.) You have your own domain(s) or email address(es) in your Imail webmail 
address book or Smartermail webmail address book or trusted sender's list.

Whatever the case is, remove those entries and the spoofs will not get through 
as whitelisted. If you are concerned about not receiving intra-domain email, 
don't be worried as Declude will whitelist all authenticated users.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me
either by email or call Toll free 1-866-332-5833 Ext.2

Linda Pagillo
Technical Support Engineer | Declude

Your Email Security is our business

Direct: 978-225-8347
Office: 978.499.2933 Ext.2
Toll Free: 1-866.332.5833 Ext.2
Fax: 978.334.0700

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