On 3/19/2010 11:26 AM, Andy Schmidt wrote:
Thanks - downloaded and installed.

I'll have to take a look at the integrated Sniffer. I got pulled away and
never got back to it.

I'll have to take a good luck at the rulebase update - on first glace it
seems as if your script is leaving out the crucial SNF2CHECK to make sure
that the downloaded rulebase is valid BEFORE replacing it. So I'll have to
look at it very carefully.


The script cannot call snf2check for the embedded SNF because that would expose the OEM rulebase.

The SNF engine performs the SNF2CHECK task before it accepts a new rulebase so it's ok to leave that out of the update script in OEM integrations of the SNF engine.

In fact, the getRulebase.cmd script need not be used at all by an OEM -- they can use their own facility. However in this case I recommended strongly that Declude use a modified getRulebase script so that Declude customers could modify it to perform additional tasks in the way they are used to.

Hope this helps,



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