On 3/19/2010 1:46 PM, Andy Schmidt wrote:
Hi Pete:

Thanks for jumping in.

1.>>  The SNF engine performs the SNF2CHECK task before it accepts a new

I'm a little confused - the script replaces the rulebase - without checking.
So what happens if the rulebase is bad. By the time the engine "checks" the
good one is already rename and the bad one is already called ".snf"

If the rulebase does not properly authenticate in the SNF engine then the reload is rejected. Once the guard time expires the update script will be run again (by default after 3 minutes).

2. I assume I can still just update the XML file to move the logfiles,
rulebase and workspace to its own subfolders to keep things tidy and for
improved maintainability?

             <log path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\logs\'/>
             <rulebase path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\rulebase\'/>
             <workspace path='[PATH]\declude\scanners\SNF\work\'/>
As far as I know that should be ok -- but you need to check with Declude on that first. They may have certain expectations built into their software and/or their support process.


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