We usually don't post about every interim release however we thought this
would be usefull as it has been requested often. (Please Note: you need to
be on 4.11.00 to upgrade just the decludeproc, if you are ealier than
4.11.00 use the setup upgrade from your host record on www.declude.com)
Interim access can be found on your My Account home page.

// 4.11.04 ==>  ADD: Allowing EZIP (Encrypted ZIP files) for Domains and

File: Virus.cfg file

                ALLOWEZIPTO = used for incoming email

                ALLOWEZIPFROM = used for outgoing email

                User configuration= u...@example.com

                Domain Configuration = example.com


                ALLOWEZIPTO u...@example.com

                ALLOWEZIPTO example.com

                ALLOWEZIPFROM senderaddr...@example.com

                ALLOWEZIPFROM example.com

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