Question #1.
Simple really, I create the form, then change the form's caption depending
on a number of variables. Except that it doesn't change.

I have created public procedure called Execute in which I change the form's
caption. ie..

   with TFormWithdrawals.create(Application) do

In the execute I set the caption

I've tried 

  Caption := 'Blah';
  tThisForm.Caption := 'Blah';
  Self.Caption := Blah;

Same result ... Nuttin' - not a sausage.

I've even added Refresh with all the above variations afterwards with the
same lack of sausage.

It seems that I can do anything with any component on the form, but nothing
with the form itself. In the same routine I can move a component and change
the caption on a component but not the caption on the form.

Question #2
I can't seem to get the OnValidate event to fire on a TField. I've ended up
by using the OnChange event to get around it, but have seen no reason why
it shouldn't fire. I've even tried simply placing the code 

  ShowMessage('Got Here!');

in the OnValidate event but it will never, ever show no matter what I do.
Anyone else had this problem.

Any suggestions please?

BTW, I'm programming a small networking app (a change from Client/Server)
using Paradox tTables created along with the form. I don't like using a
single DataModule as I'm never sure when I'm changing the current cursor on
a table for the current form when I use another form, or have I got that
idea wrong?

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