Hi All.
MyApp creates a video capture window, based on the handle of a panel. The
syntax of creation is thus:
      'CamSnap', // window name if pop-up
      WS_Child or WS_visible, // window style
      0, 0,
      panel1.width, panel1.height, // window position and dimensions
      panel1.Handle, 0);
Which is all well and good, but unfortunately, I am stuck with the
dimensions of the panel size.
For example, if the video format is 640x480, and the panel is designed @
320x240 the video available from the panel is that size, and the image
quality is degraded.
What I really need is some component which acts like a panel handle, but
doesnt give the size constraints. An image part would be perfect, because it
is scaleable, but it doesnt have the panel properties that are needed.
Any suggestions??

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