Chris are you running Microsoft Transaction Server ??
If not you will need to install it and then more fun wil start.....BUT I
suspect that what is happening is, that you need to close ALL your things
like IE and Interdev. etc. that MIGHT be holding a ref. to this file open,
and THEN try it....I know I have had this problem my self, and it was partly
solved by installing MTS and partly by doing the close everything trick.


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> Hi,
>  I am writing an ActiveX server object, which I register under
> the Run menu of Delphi 4. But I can only do this once, as after
> this it will not link it as I get the message "Unable to create
> output file ...." is this because I used the server on an ASP page?
> If so how does one get on with creating a server control and
> testing it. I am running under Windows NT Server 4.
> I have had some funny situations with NT4 lately.
> If I make a directory and copy some files there, run a file from
> there, and then move the files, I can not delete the directory
> becuase it is in use. I am wondering if this is the same problem?
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