doesn't PGP now come as a DLL??? Maybe only in the US :(

There are a few DES implementations on the web, one of which is on
the dunstan thomas interbase site (same encryption as they use for
IB passwords (and unix passwords), which I THINK is triple DES) or the link of the DUG site here.

you could get Peter Hyde's TCompress and then XOR the result with
something - 
it would be quick, easy, tho it is security by obscurity, which is not
But the size of the result should be smaller than the original :)

Also, Peter Gutmann at UoA has a thing called CryptLib, which looks
good, tho
last time I looked at it, the licence was not good for me (ie, not cheap
commercial use - this was a year ago) and AFAIK its not ported to
Delphi. - definatly work a serious look!!

There is also an NZ PK package from Bill Raike (sorry if the spelling is
wrong), tho I dont have the URL. Being commercial and PK, I'd not expect
it to be cheap
either, tho I havn't looked.

Then there is the MS Crypto Library. um, yeah, whatever.....



Patrick Dunford wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Can anyone recommend an encryption component with source code, I am
> looking at encrypting some data in a database to prevent its use by other
> programs. Alternatively a compression component that can also
> encrypt/decrypt would be a possible consideration. When encrypting text
> you don't want the string to become significantly longer (if possible not
> at all longer) than the original if you are working near the limits of
> field length (in this case there may be enough free length to allow
> expansion). Otherwise I thought of putting a password on the tables
> (Paradox)...
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