Kerry wrote:

> Does Webhub crash as often as their website does? I have problems on
> their site with monotonous regularity -- I've given up sending them bug
> reports, as I've never got a response.
> Clicking on the above URL barfs too. It's a lousy advertisement for
> their product.

Like Max, I'm interested to know what browser you've got (though 
in reality it shouldn't matter, a *few* browser versions have some 
particularly nasty bugs for fully automated sites), and what error 
message you see when you go to  

I use the HREF site very often, and only see anything unusual 
when they are doing a 5-minute maintenance update, or have 
failed to complete the site content before putting it online (not 
wonderful, but hardly a "crash").    

Also, to whom did you report the problems? I'm astonished at the 
non-response, so I'm just wondering if someone is not getting the 
email messages they should.

Anyway, to answer your question -- an application written with 
WebHub *can* crash if badly written or not adequately tested, as 
can any other Delphi app. But that aside, WebHub-based sites 
have a very good track record, with quite a few useful defences 
against the kind of things that can unwittingly bring down a site 
(e.g. traffic spikes, threading hassles, resource overcommitment 



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