> One further question, the interbase we get with Delphi (4), whats the deal
> with that ?
> How many lic. does it cover if at all ???

OK, first up, for a definitive on this, call Annie - 09 3600 231 or

AFAIK, The one with D4 C/S (and Pro?) is a development-only licence -
you can install it and develope against it, but you CAN'T install it on
a client's machine, and I think its a licence for 1 developer also - ie,
if you have 4 people, they need 4 copies of Delphi, and hence 4 licences
that come with it.

As I said, for a definitive, check with Annie. I KNOW its not a
deployment licence tho.

> I am thinking of doing some more stuff with out Internet server, i.e. adding
> better databases for client who are currently using access MDB's on it.
> I wanted to use MSSQL, but the $$ involved are CRAZY !!! so I have
> heard..(this is in an internet enviroment)

I dont know if the IB internet licence cost is much better, but its
fairly complex, and I dont think I understand it properly (either that
or it makes
no sense to me (ie, WHY do this?), which is more likely)

> Woudl I have the same hasseles with IB ??

Well, running it - it runs nice in an internet environment, tho.....

> I only will have it installed on the server anyway, prob. not my local
> machine at all.

I dunno if access can talk to it, tho it comes with an ODBC driver, so
should be happy. ASP DEFINATLY will talk to it (VID also will, very
well) tho you need to do stuff like generators manually (VID has no
concept of them, as they are  not in MSSQL)

Hope that helps.

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