Hi all,

 I need to create a DLL to interface to a program. The paramters are shown
below with the DLL header.

LONG  APIENTRY  YourFunction (HWND hwnd, LPLONG lpIValue, LPSTR lpszValue);

What parameters would I use in my DELHI code to create a function in my DLL
which will handle those paramter types?

Is the APIENTRY part of the function result important?, and if so what does
it do, and how to I add this to my delphi DLL function?

I tried this code below but the values I get are not correct.

Function MyFunction(hwnd : HWND; lpIValue : PLongint; lpszValue : LPSTR) :
  ShowMessage('Delphi : String = ['+lpszValue+']  Int =
  Result := 0;

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