Happy Day.

Does anybody know what kind of Generator/Sequence functionality exists in 
DB2?  I'm looking for a way to generate unique integer IDs on the fly 
>outside of a transaction<.

In the past, when a native generator wasn't available, I've used the usual 
routine of having a table with the next available ID and incrementing it 
along the way, but there are always multi-user issues.  It's easy enough to 
avoid giving the same ID to two users, but it means transactions have to be 
extremely short and rollbacks become an issue.  Worse, when one of the 
users goes down mid-transaction things come to a halt.

Obviously native generators (or "sequences" in Oraclese) are vastly 
superior.  I've looked through the DB2 help and see nothing that looks like 
a generator (GENERATE_UNIQUE is a 13-byte string, which will definitely NOT 
serve my purposes)

Am I blind?


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