> Currently I'm using dynamically loaded .dll's to provide a plugin system
> for my application, only, delphi bloats .dll's quite a bit making each
> one around 100-150k, which is compleatly overkill when the function
> being called is only 5-10 lines long (the functions often create a
> TQuery and connect into a database to perform lookups).

Definatly overkill :)

> Has anyone experimented with using other forms of plugin methods??  I've
> thought about looking at using a scripting language, such as MS
> Scripting Host (where can I download that from anyway?) but wasn't sure

http://www.microsoft.com/scripting I think - seach on msdn.microsoft.com
or install IE4

> about how I could use that to link back into my database to perform
> calculation lookups.

Via OLE objects. Do you get Visual Developer Mag? Feb/Mar 1998 (vol 8,
had an article on it - if not, I can PCopy it and drop it in/fax it.

I think they publish their code too - www.visual-developer.com

> Does anyone know how it works??  Can I make certain
> variables/events/objects in my application available to the MS Scripting
> engine or what???

Yup, I think you can - all via OLE objects which you insert into the 
scripting namespace. It appears to work well, and thats exactly what the
artical tell you how to do :)

Oh, and MS dont charge for it, you just have to say "scripting engine
(C) Evil Empire 1998." or something like that.

There's also a Perl module if you want your clients to be truely

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