Nic Wise wrote:

> Definatly overkill :)

Yup, and a memory hog/bloat, and make it not very customizable for quick
fixes/additions :(

> I think - seach on
> or install IE4

I've just been looking through the sites on this and also came accross (I remember seeing mentioned on here,
Ian I think???).  Unfortunately I didn't really find anything that gave
me pointers in how to link them to my app, I think I delphi orientated
article/site could be quite useful.

> Via OLE objects. Do you get Visual Developer Mag? Feb/Mar 1998 (vol 8,
> #6) had an article on it - if not, I can PCopy it and drop it in/fax it.

Nope, we get jack all magazines here, and I havn't really found a good
place to get 'puter mags.  If you could PCopy it and fax it to me it
would be great (fax - 09-377-9946).
> I think they publish their code too -

/me goes surfing :)
> There's also a Perl module if you want your clients to be truely
> unproductive.

As yes, being such a language the client will start writing indepth and
complex functions just to add to strings together...  Perl - brilliant
language.... when used for whats its designed for :)

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