Max Nilson wrote:
>I have to point out here that my issues are with the standard Windows
control types, not with the actual OS itself. I'm quite happy with the
kernal, the GDI and most of the Windowing and event handling code, its just
the existing controls that are weak.
>Strictly speaking we have only replaced the standard EDIT control and
created a replacement for Delphi's grid. Other candidates for replacement
are the page control and the tree view, and these are really low priority.
But once we replced the standard edit control with a component that
duplicated all of the functionality (caret, keyboard, drawing, selections,
cut'n'paste etc) we could then start to extend this is all sorts of fun
ways, and for little cost.

By replacing controls such as the edit control you are alienating yourself
from automatic updates if Microsoft ever changes or updates the way those
controls work. In the near future Windows 2000 will be out and there may
significant changes to the user interface (unlikely - but there may), and
years down the track the user interface (or the logic behind it) may change
again (for example if it ever goes over to 64bit). Programs written using
the Microsoft components automatically gain any advantages provided by new
versions of those components (such as an updated comctl32.dll) whereas your
replacement controls will still be doing the same old same old. This is
perhaps a non issue for simple controls such as the edit control (simple as
in useage, not as in sound implementation) but with such wonders as tabbed
notebooks etc this can be more relevant.

Although I must agree with you about the standard Delphi grids.

Just my 2cents worth.



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