Greg Nixon wrote:
> I was just wondering how some of you copy with large datasets eg. A Client
> entry srceen. If you open the query selecting all you can go on holiday and
> forget it. So the way I normally handle if is selecting the dataset where
> 1=0 (imposible) and then allow them to make selection according to there
> needs. This works fine but I was wondering if any one had a nicer way.

I've used that technique too -- I can't really think of anything better.
You don't want to make the SQL engine do anymore work than is absolutely

> It
> would be cool if the BDE would pass the live query to the server and just
> get the first record and then if you clicked next on the navigator get the
> next record, and so on, rather than taking the whole dataset at once.

But, last time I checked, the BDE doesn't get "the whole dataset at
once". As you navigate through a dbgrid, it retrieves data a page (or
so) at a time.

What database are you connected to?

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