> Since we're on the topic of report writers, has anyone used Report Printer
> Pro 3.0 ?


> We are looking to buy something for deployment overseas,
> and we'll be asking it to do some pretty hairy formatting
> (probably using sub-reports or some other multi-query facility).

RPPro has grown over the last year. The retains the original RPPro 2.0
programatic report generation capability (a fancy way of saying that you
write code to produc3e a report) but has added a new visual report designer
called RAVE.

That being said Profax has a firm policy of not writeing reports, but rather
writing report generators that do all the hard work for us, and so I have no
experiance in using the designer. Using RPPro to generate reports is very
simple, efficient and easy, and so if your prepared to not use a GUI
designer then you can create any report needed.

> The ad for Report Printer Pro in Delphi Informant doesn't mention
> sub-reports
> so it's probably not a starter for us, but I'd welcome any comments.

The RAVE designer is banded and can produce output from many different
sources in a single report, but as I have never used it for anything I can
only say that I will be very supsised if you can't do sub-reports with it.
You should probably mail Nevrona and ask them.

Cheers, Max.

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